ECHOSOUL [ECHO SOUL] - The End Of Darkness (2022) CD

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This is a very Christian friendly band, although they do not classify themselves as such.

Same label that brought us Angelic Forces this year


EchoSoul is a Progressive Metal Band from Indiana, formed in 2019, formerly Apparition, made of a collaboration of known and newer artists founded by guitarist and songwriter Guy Hinton.

A perfect fusion of power and progmetal with a blend of Iced Earth, Fates Warning and Nevermore.

Vocals by Rob Lundgren and Tim "Ripper" Owens.

CD Jewel Case - limited edition pressing only 500 copies


Track Listing

1. Where Echoes Go

2. Crucible of War

3. Elemental

4. Melody of Misery

5. The Alchemist (Man of Madness)

6. Cobwebs of the Mind

7. Hangman (A Roman and the Cross)