Ecclesiast - Ecclesiast [CD]

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Ecclesiast is a four piece Christian metal band based out of St. Charles county Missouri. They strive for excellence, not only through their electric performances, but through the heartfelt message and music they put out. Pursuing a professional look, with a hometown feel, they are fully dedicated to what they do, through the passion, and authenticity of leading the listeners and audience alike to Christ through driven lyrics with a backbone. Stemming from personal hardships, to glorifying the lord, Ecclesiast encourages all to stand up, fight for what they believe in, and pursue whatever dreams they may have, be it small, or large, no task is too heavy to handle. We are Ecclesiast. We are the heart and soul of ministry through compassion, love, and a willingness to perform for the glory of God.


Track Listing:

1. Follow Me (2:51)
2. Stand Up (2:53)
3. From the Heart (3:09)
4. The Plea (feat. Joshua Smith) (3:04)
5. High Horse (2:59)