DYNASTY OF METAL - Back To The Past (CD) 2023 [FFO: Stryper, Bloodgood & More]

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RELEASE DATE: May 26, 2023


PRESSING: 500 Copies Only


Coming to us all the way from the beautiful country of Brazil Roxx Records welcomes one of the best Power Metal bands from the country. We are very excited to be releasing the brand new, but I guess you can say old, album from Dynasty of Metal. 

Dynasty of Metal formed in 1996 and has been putting out the most excellent Power Metal in the land for over 20 years now. With this brand new album the band pays homage to all those bands who influenced them through all these years. 

'Back To The Past' is a collection of some of the most amazing cover songs you have ever heard. Paying tribute to the likes of Stryper, Deliverance, Sacred Warrior and so many more this is the most beautiful tribute album you will ever hear. 

Check out this beautiful compilation of samples from the album and pick up one of the limited edition CD


Track List

01 - Beat The System (Petra)
02 - The Rock That Makes Me Roll (Stryper)
03 - Only Yesterday (Joshua)
04 - He Died (Sacred Warrior)
05 - Too Late For Living (Saint)
06 - Lost Soldier (Recon)
07 - Ark Of Suffering (Tourniquet)
08 - Weapons Of Our Warfare (Deliverance)
09 - Out Of Love (Bloodgood)
10 - Psychedelic Super Jesus (Bride)
11 - Without Your Love (Whitecross)
12 - No Time To Run (Barren Cross)
13 - Eye Of Hurricane (Impellitteri)
14 - Long Live The King (Narnia)
15 - Web Of Fire (Mortification)
16 - Boanerges (Boanerges)
17 - Everlasting Life (new track)


Dynasty of Metal Biography

Born from the bowels of Nova Lima, a mining town surrounded by lush mountains, well close to the Brazilian capital of heavy rock, Belo Horizonte. Each musician has their own influences, however, all turn to a single ideal: to make Heavy Metal of the best quality.

DYNASTY officially appeared in March 1996. With just a few months of existence, managed to reach a level above the standards of the time.

 DYNASTY's proposal is to make heavy metal, based mainly on the influences of NWOBHM, however with the Latin swing, emerging the rhythms and exotic sounds, inherited from the miscegenation Brazilian, without ever forgetting the ‘heavy’ factor.

The band owns a special charisma, seeks to get involved in rich, enigmatic and controversial themes, thus being able to express their vision of the current world, without sounding massive and opinion-forming. At the among so many bands that copy each other, DYNASTY presents more effective weapons: being original, creative, daring, strong and sincere.

Accustomed to living on the road, with many concerts in almost all regions of Brazil, Argentina, participating in festivals or various events. In early 2009 they left for their first tour international stage, where they performed several concerts, passing through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Chile. They were 18 concerts in 32 days, long trips and difficulties, but in the end everything went well, leaving sure of a quick return.

As with all bands, line-up changes are inevitable, with rare exceptions, with the Dynasty changes have happened several times and certainly will happen again. The band made a strategic break between October 2010 and January 2011, returning at full speed. This time was necessary for the external affairs of the band to settle in and that they could continue the process, at the end of that time the band returned to rehearsals, polishing the new compositions and reinvigorating the old ones.

The return also brought the change in the name of the band, to avoid undesirable inconveniences of copyright, was renamed “Dynasty of Metal”, but still called by fans just “Dynasty”.

2016 was the year of the band's twentieth anniversary, a new work was prepared in celebration of that historic date. This work was baptized “Step by Step”, it has nine new songs, two reinterpretations orchestrated tracks from their first two albums, a cover by a great Minas Gerais metal band, in addition to three songs with Spanish versions, aiming to establish itself in the Latin American market.

During 15 days of July 2017 the band toured Uruguay and Argentina promoting their new album.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, the band started rehearsals for the recording of the project “Back To The Past Tribute” with 16 covers of the bands that influenced us in our career and also an original song.