Drottnar - Stratum (CD) Endtime Productions

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The 2013 album from Drottnar entitled 'Stratum' out of print and getting scarce! Get a copy now before they are even tougher to find at a decent price! 

Artist: Drottnar
Title: Stratum
Release Date: 2013
Label: Endtime Productions

Album Tracks

1. We March
2. Slave
3. Cul-De-Sac
4. Soul Suburbia
5. Seven Suns Shining
6. Lucid Stratum
7. Ersatz
8. Wolves and Lambs

Ending seven years of silence, Norway's Drottnar return fire with a hail of sonic bullets. Through eight tracks of disharmonic bunker Metal, they force seemingly formless structures into terrifying monoliths of industrial strength. Precisely dissonant, surgically passionate - STRATUM channels a claustrophobic, schizophrenic creativity that is highly unconventional and destroys all pretenders. The long awaited follow up to their critically acclaimed debut album WELTERWERK takes technical, experimental Metal to the next level proving the scene is not only alive, but needs further clarification on the meaning of heaviness. Unapologetic Blackened Metal for those seeking the extreme end of the genre, pushing the concepts of extremity as no others do.

Check out the track 'We March'