Dismissed - Taking The Good With The Bad [CD]

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“Taking the Good With the Bad” bridges the divide between punk,emo,and hardcore songs by blending those styles together with a thick strain of melody. Wailing guitar solos, metal bridges, and the power of frontman Dave Arthur’s vocals brings an energetic freshness to the band Dismissed. The strain of emotion felt in the melodies and vocals show the true originality this young band possesses. The songs touch on topics of Desperation, Betrayal, Heartbreak, Suicide, and the hope that comes through faith. A fantastic first release from Dismissed.

Dave Arthur: Guitar + Vocals 
Mike Pena: Guitar + BGV 
Danny Pena: Bass 
Dave Salas: Drums 

1. Intro (Whales & Robots) 00:53
2. The Night I Died 02:31
3. Run Away 03:02
4. Hold On Tight 02:51
5. Consider This 02:56
6. Self Impression 03:49
7. Hard Day 03:21
8. Installed In Stone 03:48
9. You Had Your Chance 03:21
10. Taking The Good With The Bad 02:55