DEUTERONOMIUM-Tribal Eagle (2019) Black/Death Metal Christian Rare DEMOS

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DEUTERONOMIUM - TRIBAL EAGLE (2019. EM Distro) blackened Christian death metal from Finland!

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This 2019 Limited Edition reissue features the classic "Tribal Eagle" EP from Finnish death metal band Deuteronomium, as well as tracks from all their albums. Released on CD for the first time ever are the band's 2 demos "Paths of Righteousness" from 1993 and "Crosshope" from 1996. This is classic black influenced death metal from Finland!

1 Crosshope
2 Thinking
3 Tribal Eagle
4 Blue Moment
5 Northern Praise (from Street Corner Queen)
6 Spell Of Hell (from Street Corner Queen)
7 Red River (One Bad Pig cover)
8 To Die And Gain (from Here to Stay)
9 3:16 (From the Midst of the Battle)
10 Defending The Faith (From the Midst of the Battle)
11 Soltitude (from Deathbed Poetry)
12 Seven Critical Days (from Deathbed Poetry)
13 Nazorean (from The Amen)
14 Jehovah Sabaoth (from The Amen)
15 Your Destructive Hate (Demo 1993)
16 Thoughts Of The Weary (Demo 1993)
17 Apostasy (Demo 1993)
18 Stranger In a Strange Land (Demo 1993)
19 My Prayer (Demo 1993)