DESTRONANDO A LA SERPIENTE - Compilation CD Import from Mexico 2022

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Hot new import CD on Lament Records just in from Mexico DESTRONANDO A LA SERPIENTE or in English DESTROY THE SERPENT

A Killer new compilation disc with 18 tracks of pure Christian Metal from all over the world. Just check out the track listing below and pick up this gem of a compilation. Jewel case edition released in 2022. Limited Copies available here in the US

Track Listing:

1. LAMENT - Destronando A La Serpiente (Mexico)

2. COMUNIDAD DEL METAL - Me Mantengo Hasta El Final (Mexico)

3. P.O.G.O. - DIOS (Mexico)

4. INVERTEBRAL - Rotten Soul (Mexico)

5. DETONACION MENTAL - Instinto Animal (Mexico)

6. SEGUNDA MORTE - Satanic Rebellion Crushed (Mexico)

7. ABEL GOMEZ - No Seguimos Perdedores (Mexico)

8. WISE AND SERPENTS - Iron & Clay (USA)

9. THE WAYMAKER - The Rain of your love (UK)

10. MY DARKEST TIME - Dont Leave (UK)

11. CONSUMADO - La Puerta (Mexico)

12. ENDLESS SACRIFICE - The Final Judgement (USA)

13. IRA DE DIOS - Yo Soy La Resurrecion (Mexico)

14. ONE BAD APPLE - Victory of the roving tongue (USA)

15. 2 MINUTE MINOR - Unite The Crew (USA)

16. APPOLOGIA - Grito (Mexico)

17. TIESNESIS - Second Life (Mexico)

18. ANIMIS - En el principio (Mexico)