Deliverance - Deliverance [CD]

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This is the remaining quantity from a very successful campaign. Get your copy now and get it quick if you missed the campaign! Quantities are very limited.

Newly designed artwork No Life Til Metal
Complete remaster by Bombworks

This is for the limited edition CD version. Jewel case edition with 8 panel lyric booklet. 2 bonus tracks Attack and A Space Called You. Limited quantities available.

Bass – Brian Khairullah
Drums – Chris Hyde
Lead Guitar – Glenn Rogers
Vocals, Guitar – Jimmy Brown II

Track List:

01. Victory
02. No Time
03. Deliverance
04. If You Will
05. The Call
06. No Love
07. Blood Of The Covenant
08. Jehovah Jireh
09. Temporary Insanity
10. Awake
11. Attack (Bonus Track)
12. A Space Called You (Bonus Track)