Dead To Sin - From The Ashes [CD]

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This album is a part of Bruce Menchen's Dead to Sin project. This album entitled 'From The Ashes' boasts some excellent production, excellent playing and this project just keeps getting better and better with each release.

If that alone is not enough for you, this release also manages to boast one of the premiere heavy metal drummers in our genre by way of the Visual Time Keeper himself Mr. Robert Sweet on drums!

This is a limited edition pressing with only a few copies left. Get yours now.

Band - Dead to Sin
Album - From the Ashes
Year - 2016
Genre - Hard Rock
Country - USA

01. Dead to Sin
02. Give Your Life
03. Highway to Holiness
04. He Died for All
05. On Fire
06. Real Love
07. Going to Stay
08. Only You Can Choose
09. You
10. Eternal Life
11. Fight the Good Fight
12. Love Is
13. Rocking Hard
14. Come on and Rock
15. Knight Rider
16. Running Scared
17. Come (Bonus Track)