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The “Darrell Mansfield Ultimate Series Box Set” consists of 78 hit songs on five CDs, all enclosed in an artistic cover box. Because of the large number of tracks, the "Ultimate Series" is released on five CDs: Ultimate Series: Rock & Blues Collection Ultimate Series: Delta & Gospel Blues Collection Ultimate Series: Live Collection Ultimate Series: Soft Hits Collection Ultimate Series: Hard Rock Collection This expansive collection captures the most popular songs of Darrell Mansfield's career (1975 to the present) as a singer, songwriter, recording artist, world-class harmonica player, world-touring performer, Blues Hall of Fame Ambassador to California (2009) and Hohner Hall of Fame inductee (1980). Stylistically diverse, Darrell Mansfield, who is a forerunner in contemporary Christian music and a proponent of the blues genre, excels in multiple genres, from delta blues and southern rock to hard rock. His energy and engaging style captivate audiences of different ages and musical preferences. The 78 digitally-enhanced tracks have been skillfully re-mastered from a variety of original recording formats. The engineers and mastering engineer, Chance Pataki (The-Musicians-Workshop.com) employed state-of-the-art digital techniques to yield truly advanced sound quality. Also featured in “The Darrell Mansfield Ultimate Series” is an impressive lineup of industry greats including: Guitarists Paul Gilbert, Craig Erickson, Hadley Hockensmith, Greg Martin, Glenn Kaiser and Lanny Cordola; Drummers Bill Maxwell, Bill Lordan, Terl Bryant and percussionist Alex Acuña; Bassists Abraham Laboriel and John Patitucci Keyboardists Harlan Rogers and Skip Conte; Engineers Chris Taylor and Ken Riley; Producers Skip Conte, Virgil Beckham, Ken Tamplin, and assistant Producer Al Perkins.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Thunder and Lightning
2. Nobody's Fault but Mine
3. After the Storm
4. Jesus Will Reign
5. Tokyo
6. Get Ready
7. Mr. Rock and Roll
8. Power of Love
9. Life Saver
10. Spoonful
11. Runnin
12. Heaven Southwestern
13. Bible Study

Disc: 2
1. Jesus Is Comin Soon
2. People Get Ready
3. Million Dollar Feelin
4. Walk With Me Jesus
5. Crossroads
6. Let's Work Together
7. The Mission
8. Heavy Load
9. Last Chance Boogie
10. High Water
11. Dreamin' Schemin'
12. Tell the Truth
13. Born to Be Wild
14. Spirit in the Sky
15. Respect Yourself
16. Oh Well
17. Are You Ready

Disc: 3
1. Got to Be a Change
2. Tell the Truth (Live)
3. The Mission (Live)
4. Million Dollar Feelin (Live)
5. Boom Boom (Live)
6. Stand By Me (Live)
7. People Get Ready (Live)
8. Jerusalem (Live)
9. All Along the Watchtower (Live)
10. Thunder and Lightning (Live)
11. Jesus Will Reign (Live)

Disc: 4
1. Jesus Comin Soon
2. Keep Your Lamp Trimmed and Burnin
3. Celestial Shore
4. Nobody's Fault but Mine
5. You Got to Move
6. Slidin
7. Need Somebody On Your Bond
8. Wonderful God
9. Death Don't Have No Mercy
10. Trouble
11. I Never Heard a Man
12. Nobody but You
13. It's Time to Go
14. God's Radar
15. Beautiful City
16. I Belong to the Band
17. It Takes God to Build a Home
18. This Is the Lord's House
19. Every Day Will Be Sunday
20. Never Been to Seminary

Disc: 5
1. Home
2. Giver of Life
3. The Prize
4. Walk Across Heaven
5. Can't Do Nothin' Without Jesus Love
6. Empty Hearts
7. This Is the Day
8. Jerusalem
9. The Vision
10. Flow Like a River
11. Waiting
12. He Has Overcome
13. Starry Sea
14. Drift Away
15. Nature's Way
16. Have I Told You Lately
17. Amazing Grace