DALE THOMPSON & The Boon Dogs - Unfinished Business (CD) 2024 FFO: Bride, ZZ Top

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• Blues Masterpiece by Dale Thompson of BRIDE
• Jewel case pressing with 12 page lyric booklet
• Limited to 500 copies
• Blues masterpiece
• Release Date: April 19, 2024

DATE: 3/21/2024

Who’s ready to take their third and most adventurous journey with Dale Thompson on this wild blues ride as we debut the brand new album ‘Unfinished Business’

This brand new album from Dale Thompson & The Boon Dogs does not hold back on those killer blues tunes, featuring 15 brand new incredible tracks of smokin' blues headed up by one of Christian rock's great metal vocalists, Dale Thompson of the band BRIDE. This new album features riffs, solos, and fiery hot fretboards that'll make your ears bleed. You love fast paced, fist-pumping, foot-stompin’ red hot bluesy guitar? Then this is your kind of music.

If you thought the first two Dale Thompson and the Boon Dogs album were good, you're going to be blown away by this new smokin' blues album, "Unfinished Business." If you thought Dale was all about the metal, you were definitely wrong, the man can sing the blues! Blues is something that is definitely in Dale's blood and this album sure does pull out all the stops. If you like slow burning blues guitar, in the vein of ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Johnny Lang, Joann Shaw Taylor, Darrell Mansfield, and Glenn Kaiser, this one is going to get a lot of plays and spins. It's simply a masterful blues album with red hot guitar solos and pure raspy vocals that only Dale can pull off.

Dave Kruse from The Covenant Metal Show had this to say about the new album “This is a pretty good blues album with 15 incredible tracks, with a hard edge in sound and style. Some of the songs remind me of early ZZ Top”

Today we kick off this amazing new album with the first single “Nehemiah’s Wall” enjoy…



1. Jacob Dug The Well
2. Blood Of The Lamb
3. Town Where No Man Got Off
4. I Plead The Blood
5. Great Day In History
6. Awake And Sing
7. Take Up Your Bed
8. Patience Of Job
9. Millstone
10. Error Of Balaam
11. John The Revelator
12. Nehemiah's Wall
13. Psalm
14. I Feel Haunted
15. Your Will Be Done