Dabster Gentlemen - Death or Life

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This Dale Thompsom (Bride) fronted band has released two albums to date. We purchased the last reamining copies of both of those preofessionally duplicated CD projects. First of two Dale fronted albums released in 2019

The band released only 100 copies and we have your last opportunity to get one of these. Check out this write up on the album from Jesus Freak Hide Out


Track Listing


Thick As Thieves (3:20)
Animals (3:30)
The Beat Rolls On (2:54)
Rejoice (4:04)
As Darkness Falls (3:54)
No Signs of Life (3:46)
The Odyssey (4:00)
Have You Met the Man (3:16)
God's Cemetery (3:53)
When the Preacher Starts Preachin' (3:22)
By the Spirit (4:34)
Gone Like A Song (3:52)