D.O.G.S. DOGS of Pray - The Rise [CD]

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This is some VERY good dark gothic style metal for you fans of the genre, complete with dual male/female vocals. This is another out of print title that is scarce and hard to find these days. But yes we got a few in on trade recently and probably wont get anymore so nows your chance to get one at a good price!

DOGS of Pray with their debut and only full length indie release entitled 'The Rise'

Track Listing:

Track Listing:
1. My Conviction (3:33),
2. Catastrophic (4:10),
3. Trinity (3:48), ?The Enemy (3:24),
4. Theatre (5:01),
5. The Day (3:34),
6. Pirates Of The Galilean (2:36),
7. How (3:47),
8. Final Days (3:51),
9. Righteous Awakens (3:37),
10. Omission (3:55),
11. Alone In The Darkness (4:50)