Crystavox - The 20 Year Mix [CD/DVD]

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Limited Edition

2 Disc Set (CD/DVD)

1000 piece pressing

This title is out of print and almost out of stock and will not be reprinted! We are down to the last few copies of this before it is gone forever!

First up disc one will be a completely remastered "Best Of" CD consisting of many of your favorite Crystavox tracks including sacrifice, home again, power games, its all right, shame, big picture, snakes, paradise, no boundaries, guns, break down the walls and cry out. All these tracks were taken straight from the master tapes that had been sitting in storage in the Ocean Records archives for close to twenty years. These tracks have been completely remastered and totally redone; new guitars, drums and an over-sampling method vastly increasing the mastered volume of each song to today's standards making for an optimal sound that brings these tracks straight in to the modern day.

Disc two will be a very special DVD release consisting of a recently discovered "never before released" live concert footage and also several MTV style video clips that have never before been officially released. All footage has had the color completely corrected and restored and has been completely remastered in the 16:9 format. In addition to all of this classic remastered video footage the DVD will also include a recently recorded, "where are they now" segment - shot in HD, and featuring the band "self narrating" the story of Crystavox!

CD Track Listing (Disc 1)
1. Cry Out
2. Break Down The Wall
3. Power Games
4. Stick To Your Guns
5. Sacrifice
6. Shame
7. Home Again
8. Paradise
9. It's All Right (To Rock-n-Roll)
10. No Boundaries
11. The Big Picture
12. Snakes In The Grass

DVD Content (Disc 2)
The Crystavox Story- 55 Minutes
Plus Never Released Videos for...
Break Down The Wall- LIVE
Stick To Your Guns- LIVE
The Big Picture ?LIVE
Snakes In The Grass
No Boundaries
Tough Boys
In Your Arms

Release Date: August 17, 2010