Crumbacher - Thunder Beach/Tame the Volcano [CD]

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KMG Classic Archives Presents Crumbacher

These are brand new and sealed copies just discovered! KMG 2 on 1 collection featuring 'Tame the Volcano' and 'Thunder Beach'

When they broke into the Christian music scene with instant classic new wave albums like "Incandescent" and "Escape From The Fallen Planet", no one knew the writing talent and vocal chops that lead singer Stephen Crumbåcher was soon to display. "Thunder Beach" was a perfect mix of keyboard and guitar driven rock and pop which spawned five top 10 singles, and the follow-up project, "Tame The Volcano", took that formula further with an artistic leap using new sounds and even some experimentation that redefined the band (and also charted six more top 10 singles). Now you can enjoy both of these great CDs for the price of one on the Classic Archives presents Crumbåcher!

Track List (Click for Lyrics):
01 Backyard Changes
02 Once In A Heartbreak
03 Here I Am
04 Way With Words
05 Thunder Beach
06 Tough Act To Follow
07 Middle Of A Miracle
08 Only Time
09 Once More (With Feeling)
10 Speechless
11 Waiting For You
12 Release Me
13 Reckless Boys And Bad, Bad girls
14 Tame The Volcano
15 Lava Rock
16 Rainy Season
17 Somebody's Arms
18 Every Now And Then