Crossforce - Rockin til the Final Day [CD]

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"Rockin til the Final Day" consists of the long lost and previously unreleased cassette only 6 song demo tape simply entitled "Crossforce" originally released in 1986 making it the 25th Anniversary of this recording. As well as the never before released demo entitled the "Frontline demo" recorded in 1987 and made only to send to former Frontline Records Exec Jimmy Kempner in an effort to get the band signed to the label. Rounding out this special CD collection is a long lost practice session version of "Rockin til the Final Day" the bands anthem song!


01. Tomorrow Will Come (86 Demo)
02. Our Father (86 Demo)
03. Smoke Filled Room (86 Demo)
04. Out of the Darkness (86 Demo)
05. Ready n Waiting (86 Demo)
06. Rockin' til the Final Day (86 Demo)
07. Stompin in the Streets (Frontline Demo 87)
08. The Call (Frontline Demo 87)
09. Heavens Door (Frontline Demo 87)
10. It's Your Life (Frontline Demo 87)
11. Wait and See (Frontline Demo 87)
12. The One Who Loves You (Frontline Demo 87)
13. Weeping World (Frontline Demo 87)
14. Rockin? til the Final Day (Lost Practice Session 5-13-87)

Release Date: September 6, 2011