Vardoger - Ghost Notes

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We got a RARITY for you here so hurry up and get one before they are gone!  

Jewel Case Edition

2015 indie release now out of print!

16 page booklet with lyrics


We actually have to go all the way back to 2003 since the previous record release from Norwegian VARDØGER. The EP Whitefrozen on Endtime Productions still stands as a classic in the Viking metal genre with its cold expression and beautiful melodies. Now the band is back with their first full lengths and it is of course very much awaited! The band appears tight and much more progressive than before, and now it's technical death metal with some Viking references (musically!) we are talking about here. If you have the debut release you MUST get this sophomore and final release to date from VARDOGER

Track Listing:

1. Amongst The Damned
2. Shine
3. Call Your Name
4. Crystal Sky
5. My Demon
6. CTF
7. Revived
8. Grateful
9. Ghost Notes
10. Starbreather

Record company: Indie
Year: 2015