LEAH - The Glory And The Fallen (DELUXE 3 CD SET) 2024 NEW SEALED

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The 3-Disc Digipak includes:

💿 Disc 1: Main metal album with 12 tracks

💿 Disc 2: Instrumental album

💿 Disc 3: Bonus ambient/non-metal tracks

💿 Booklet with lyrics, photos, credits, etc.


Brilliant and Beautiful new project from Canadian Songstress LEAH. Originally started two years ago as a kickstarter campaign and now available to the rest of this that missed out on that. Here is what she had to see about this new release...

"Two years ago, I could feel new music blossoming in my heart, trying to break free - a calling I couldn't ignore. Despite the chaos of life's demands, I had to answer. I poured my soul into creating “The Glory and the Fallen”: a symphonic metal album infused with fantastical themes of epic battles, angelic warfare, and overcoming darkness.

Music has always been my reprieve in a noisy world. As a young mom, touring wasn't an option so I found a way to build my music career from home. It was far from glamorous.

Late nights composing after the house fell asleep, my days spent homeschooling my five kids and fighting through rejections from labels who said I'd never succeed without touring.

There were times I wanted to give up. Moments of seeming defeat where the obstacles seemed too vast. But your support kept me going and ignited!

With each album, my fanbase grew, and a vision emerged: to create music that transported listeners to other realms, gave them hope in times of struggle, reminding them they weren't alone. Your belief in me and my music made that possible.

For this album, I poured heart and soul into crafting an epic metal experience.

Tales of humanity's triumphs and failures. A call to rise up in hard times. A reminder of the light that is all around us.

This music was born from my life's passion and your unwavering support. Now it's ready to take flight. I hope you'll join me on this journey and help give voice to this musical story. Your pledge means the world. Let's launch this album together!


This album is a musical portal into fantastical realms of epic battles, angelic warfare, and overcoming darkness. The 12 tracks weave symphonic metal with Celtic, folk, and world music influences for a sound unlike anything I’ve created before.

Each song was born from visions that came to life in my studio—otherworldly times and places I felt called to explore. I hope this music transports you to those realms as it did for me in creating it."


Track Listing:

1. Archangel

2. No More Fear

3. Unshakable

4. Speak To Me

5. Dream Voyage

6. Revive

7. Little Stars

8. Wings of Time

9. Sleeping Giant

10. Before This War Is Over

11. Victory

12. Glow