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So here is the deal, here at Roxx we got a little to excited on the Jesus Freaks titles. We started on both releases and had the self titled album completely remastered already.
Ultimately the band was never happy with the initial recording of this release and even once the remaster was done the band was not happy with it. here at Roxx we respect our artists wishes and have decided to pull the plug on this remaster... FOR NOW !
We are excited to say the band is currently in the works of completely remixing and re-recording this album so in the near future we have a lot to look forward to from Jesus Freaks!
The band worked with us to make sure those that pre ordered could hear the Rob Colwell remaster so we printed only 100 of a special CD with that remaster for the hardcore fans. We have entitled it 'Unauthorized Strictly Limited to 100 copies'.
This collectors item is in a 2 panel sleeve insert on a professionally duplicated disk. If you already pre ordered you will get one of these! If you would like one there are about 30 extras left of the original 100.

Jesus Freaks self titled sophomore (and final) release, originally released in 1996.A slight departure from the heavier thrash of the debut, but still a very heavy and thrashy offering from this classic band.

Despite the band releasing their debut album on a small independent label, it went on to sell over 15,000 copies in a short amount of time. Few independent bands saw the success and popularity of California's Jesus Freaks. The band toured extensively, including on the successful Hardcore '94 tour with Crashdog and The Clergy and a stint across the U.S. with Mortification in 1995. Unfortunately the original CD only pressing has been scarce and hard-to-find for decades. Roxx Records is proud to be officially releasing the self titled album on remastered CD.

Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound has given the 2020 reissue an incredible new remaster. It's almost as if you had never heard this album before! Both the debut album and this follow-up are being re-released on CD for the first time since 1993 and 1996.