Consuming Fire - Bought With Blood [CD]

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We bought all the last copies, when these are gone they are gone!

You brutal death metal grindcore fans out there will want to pick this one up! You wont find this one anywhere else, the last copies of the 8 song album 'Bought With Blood' by Consuming Fire

This was originally released in 2012 digitally and independently by the band themselves until 2014 when Martyrdom Records picked it up and did a very short run of it on CD.

Re-released, Re-recorded, Mixed and Mastered version of this DIY album 'Bought With Blood' recorded at Crooked Creek Studios by Chuck Bennett original release date of this CD version was July 8, 2014 and we got in only 20 copies of this one.

Packaged in a very beautiful and shiny 2 panel envelope this one is a rarity and very soon to be a collectors item.

1 In The Beginning 0:57
2 Eradicate The Enemy 2:45
3 Deliverance 1:31
4 Redemption 3:11
5 Butchering Satan 1:21
6 Life Through Stoning 2:32
7 Forsaken 2:45
8 Consecration 1:34