Consecrator - Image of Deception [Black LP]

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Release Date: October 13, 2017

Roxx Records Underground Series #7

Consecrator finally get a vinyl release! This is a truly limited edition release and is number 7 in the exclusive Roxx Records underground series. Past releases from Oracle, Ultimatum and Saint sold out in record time, so dont wait to long to order this one!

This hand numbered edition will be a black vinyl pressing and there will only be 150 pieces available. This vinyl also comes with a Limited Edition black and white 8x10 promo photo and a special additional printed piece featuring a brand new interview with Consecrator guitarist James Chavez. This is a truly special Limited Edition package.

Containing the original Image of Deception release tracks and a previously unreleased track remastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell and with new and upgraded artwork and packaging from Scott Waters.

Track List:

Side A
01. Submission
02. Image of Deception
03. Mindlessly Betrayed
04. Vision Ignored

Side B:
05. Sayings of the Wise
06. Free From Death
07. Meaningless (Previously Unreleased)