Bride - Lost Reels III [CD]

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LOST REELS III is comprised of professionally recorded demo tracks from The Jesus Experience sessions. Nine of the songs have never appeared on any other Bride album. "Alive" was included on the Heaven's Metal Hard Music Compilation Volume 1 (under the title "I'm Alive). The band made this available as a 1000 copy limited edition CD release in 1997. (AngelicWarlord). This 2013 Retroactive Records reissue comes in a full color 4-panel digipak, completely remastered by the ultimate mastering guru, J Powell at Steinhaus. Never before have these songs been heard with the warmth, depth, and sheer grit that now exudes off of this top notch classic reissue. Long out of print, Retroactive went the extra mile by providing superb artwork to go with this long out of print reissue. Limited Edition. For fans of classic Bride, Guns 'n Roses, Whitecross, Stryper!

01 Guilty
02 One Race
03 Break My Spine
04 Cosmic Christ
05 Cover Dry Bones
06 What Am I Supposed To Do
07 I Believe 08 Days Of Shame
09 I'm Trying To Tell You
10 What Are We
11 I'm Not Alone
12 I'm Alive