Bride - Incorruptible [CD]

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Artist: Bride
Album Title: Incorruptible
Label: Retroactive
Format: Compact Disc 6 panel digipak
Product ID: RAR0520
Barcode: 845121067149
Release Date: October 29th, 2013

Since their debut album took the Christian metal world by storm in 1986, Bride spent the next three decades demonstrating musical brilliance every step of the way. The band treated fan loyalty with sensational music, and thought provoking lyrics in a musical genre known best for pushing the musical equivalent of processed generic cheese down the throats of Christian hard rock enthusiasts. While contemporaries like Whitecross, Guardian, Barren Cross, and yes, even Stryper (with whom the band toured and the lead vocalist position was offered to Bride vocalist, Dale Thompson in the 90?s) all "broke up" or took an extended hiatus - Bride never failed their fans, never broke up, and never made excuses. With Incorruptible, the band continues to push the envelope, delivering what critics are calling the best record of their distinguished career! Packaged in a full color 6 panel digipak, Bride's 2013 release is both visually and musically stunning! For fans of Guns 'n Roses, Guardian, Extreme, and Stryper!

01 Unbelievers
02 Darker Days
03 Darker
04 We Lie
05 Serenade
06 All The Kids Are Gone
07 Melting
08 Free
09 Religion
10 I Can't Imagine
11 I Want It All
12 2nd Suite For Children
13 Where You Want To Go
14 Sleep On
15 Uke
16 Something I Need To Know
17 I Choose You