Boarders - The World Hates Me [CD]

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Nobody would expect a band called "Boarders" to be a heavy metal outfit.

With their unconventional name, BOARDERS, hailing from Milan, Italy, now present their debut album, The World Hates Me, overflowing with pure, sweeping, energetic heavy metal.

In 1989, the call to Bay Area thrash came in the wake of Testament, Exodus, Metallica and mainly Megadeth, and BOARDERS soon attracted critical acclaim and public attention as a successful Megadeth tribute band. It is no surprise, therefore, that their debut features the Megadeth classic "In My Darkest Hour" to add another tinge of the good stuff to this album of original material, already overbrimming with vitality, riffage and melodies aiming to get any metal fan going.

You may in particular want to check out the tracks "True Rebellion", "Jump For Joy" and "For What It's Worth", as well as the aforementioned cover song.

With The World Hates Me, BOARDERS bring you no fading new trends, but good, honest, old-school heavy metal!