Bloodwork - World Without End (CD) Endtime Productions

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Endtime Productions release from Bloodwork this is the bands 2013 album which is now out of print. Get a copy before these are gone and hard to find! 

Artist: Bloodwork

Title: World Without End

Format: CD

Release Date: 2013

Label: Endtime Productions

Album Tracks

1. Deny the Fallen
2. World Without End
3. Hypocrisy of Hate
4. Escaping the Abyss
5. Shadow Aspect
6. King of Chaos
7. Chasm
8. Dreaming Future Memories

2014 album from the British Death Metal band. Raw, unpolished and extreme old school Metal untainted by fashion and fueled by a hunger for aural violence. Sharing the ethos of the early 90's masters, WORLD WITHOUT END brutally blends crushing guitars, insane Death, and old school madness to form a sound that has been carefully crafted from years of rehearsal amongst the dead in tombs of urban decay. Unapologetic, unpalatable, ugly and necro, WORLD WITHOUT END unashamedly bows at the altar of all that makes metal extreme!

Check out the track Dreaming Future Memories