Bloodgood - Detonation [CD]

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Pressing Information: Jewel Case, New booklet and layout with lyrics, Special Edition 500 piece pressing.

We are super excited about this brand new reissue coming out just in time for the Easter season! If you are a fan of Christian Metal this album needs no special new bio, it needs no fancy sales points, and it definitely needs no introduction!

We are talking about the classic album "Detonation" from those pioneers of Christian rock BLOODGOOD! That's right this limited edition CD has been remixed and remastered by the one and only David Zaffiro.

For all you audiofiles out there you'll be happy to know that this isn't just a refresh of the original. The only other reissue of this masterpiece was done by the now defunct Intense Millennium Records in 2010, which is also difficult to find as it has even been out of print for years. It's a brand new remastered version with much deeper punch (i.e. low end EQ that wasn't possible back in 1986.)

Bloodgood's David Zaffiro took exceptional care to rebuild Detonation from the ground up. As well as being expanded to include three previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded live in Sacramento from their 1987 tour.

A true classic and now available to you once again in this special Limited Edition package.

Track Listing:

01. Battle Of The Flesh
02. Vagrant People
03. Self-Destruction
04. Alone In Suicide
05. Heartbeat (Of The City)
06. Eat The Flesh
07. Holy Fire
08. Crucify
09. The Messiah
10. Live Wire

Bonus Tracks
'Live in Sacramento 1987'

11. You Lose
12. Zaffiro Guitar Burn
13. Vagrant People