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  • Red Vinyl with Black Swirl
  • Includes LARGE 24" x 24" band poster.
  • New Modified Cover Art for Vinyl-only Release
  • Multiple Color Options 200 Red, 200 Sliver or 100 Black. This listing is for the RED vinyl.
  • 2-Sided Printed Inner Sleeves with Lyrics, and Photos
  • Features Stryper Guitarist OZ FOX
  • One of the Top Christian Metal Bands of All Time
  • Inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame
  • Limited Run Vinyl
  • Audiophile Pressing from Original Sources
  • Hype Sticker matching Each Pressing



Now On Vinyl with New Cover

In 1986 Bloodgood released their debut self-titled album, produced by Darrell Mansfield.  The bands' sophomore album DETONATION (1987) was the bands masterpiece. No wonder they were inducted into the Christian Music Hall of Fame. When you accomplish a feat that few others only dream of it becomes an overwhelming task trying to re-create that synergy and vibe for future albums. That's why most fail and we now use labels such as "One-Hit Wonders". Trying too hard to force it will only sabotage your efforts.  However in the case of Bloodgood's 2013 Dangerously Close, they came ever so close, or should we say Dangerously Close, to doing just that.  Sure it took 20+ years and many albums in-between, but pulling off what Bloodgood has done is no small task. Tell me you bought that CD 7 years ago, when it came out. 


With an album this great, it only made since to get it out on Vinyl the first chance we had.  Now available in 3 color options. Transparent Red, Silver or Black. It also comes with a LARGE 24" x 24" band poster, full color 2-sided printed inner-sleeve with lyrics and credits to those initial Kickstarters that kickstarted this album. Limited to 200 units of Red and Silver and 100 Black. Now all we need is our name in big bold letters since we kickstarted it to vinyl.  Just kidding, obviously.  We don't need credit.  Like you, I just want to drop the needle and rock this bad boy. 

About the Cover .... If you have the CD you'll notice that we put that amazing back band photo on the front of the vinyl jacket. Yep, it was too bad-a** to not do that.  That's a rock star photo if I've ever seen one. 

This is going to quickly become a collectors gem.