Bjorn Stigsson - Together With Freinds (Gold CD Remaster 2021)

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First time on Gold CD special edition! 

Remastered by Bombworks Sound

Updated cover art and new layout by No Life Til Metal


Release Date: March 26, 2021

Packaging: Jewel Case w/ 8 page booklet


The classic album from Bjorn Stigsson (Leviticus / XT) is getting the full remaster treatment here. A much needed remaster that makes this classic album sound even better than the first time you heard it. Upgraded artwork and a brand new beautiful layout to boot.

Quite the Limited Edition package we have here, first time ever remastered and reissued. First time ever on limited edition Gold CD. Limited to only 300 copies on Gold CD.

Here is what Angelica Warlord had to say "Together With Friends stands the test of time as nothing less than a first-rate Christian hard rock album.  When taking into consideration the quality of its songwriting in addition to the top-notch talent performing on it, I cannot help but think the album would have sold a million copies if given the same promotion as Stryper's To Hell With The Devil.  (Just my opinion.)  All around, I would rank Together With Friends a notch ahead of any Leviticus album, and, for all practical purposes, remains to this day the best project Stigsson has been association with. 

Track Listing: "Free" (1:04), "Come On" (5:30), "Lovin’ My Woman" (3:04), "I’m Gonna Rock" (2:35), "It’s Alright" (6:18), "Way Of Living" (4:05), "Stand Up" (4:05), "Come Together" (3:03), "Majestic In Power" (3:14), "King Of Glory" (5:02), "Here It Comes" (3:48), "I’m Free" (5:44)