Bjorn Stigsson - A New Beginning (Leviticus XT) CD

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Brand new and sealed UK import - Out of Print - SOLD OUT

This is the second solo effort from Bjorn Stigsson of Leviticus and XT fame. His first if you recall is the classic long out of print Together With Friends which is amazing itself. Speaking of that one it could use a good remaster and reissue couldn't it? Maybe a Limited Vinyl and Gold CD treatment? Stay Tuned for more on that in early 2021. 

For now pick up one of these last copies of his sophomore release entitled A New Beginning right now while you can.

Track Listing: “Message Of Love” (5:51), “My Heart And Soul” (5:34), “I Call Your Name” (3:50), “The Sun Goes Up” (4:06), “All I Want Is You” (5:09), “I Will Lift My Hands” (5:15), “Love Will Be My Way” (6:57), “Look At The Sky” (4:49), “I Will Never Lose You” (4:36), “A Place In The Sun” (3:30)

Check out I Call Your Name right here: