Bill Mason Band - No Sham [CD]

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This U.K. band's debut and only release came out in 1979 on the English label Kingsway. It was re-issued in the USA the next year on the fledgling Star Song Records label.

This is the first Christian response to the driving punk rock style of The Ramones and The Clash. Listening to this record is the audio equivalent of having gulped twenty cups of coffee. It features loud, raw, neurotic guitars, brattily thrashing at an adrenaline-pumped pace; stuttering vocals; plus all the fashionable accoutrement - leather jackets, glum looks, cryptic lettering on the lyric sheet, black and white photo of the band standing in front of a burnt building, and some classic lines like 'triangular power's got a hold on me, 'I'm checkin' out on Mr. G,' and 'ain't no God on that radio.' Cover Note states 'Special thanx to Jesus without whom the new wave would not be possible!' One heckuva great classic old-school punk/nu-wave album!

On the December, 2011, Born Twice Records reissued this beauty, and now you can hear this legendary release in digital format for the first time, remastered by specialist J Powell of Steinhaus. Everything is packaged in a beautiful 6 panel digipak, including a band biography that is helpful for new fans! For fans of The Clash, Ramones, Altar Boys, early Lifesavers, early Undercover, and Generation X!

Collect all of the Legends Remastered special series that resurrects classic Jesus Music and Christian rock releases from the 70?s! See also Amaziah & Exkursions Volumes 1 & 3 of this collectible series that we also are carrying in our store!