Big Chris & D'Bare Bones Band - When Your Time Comes [CD]

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You hard rock fans of the likes of Glenn Kaiser, Darrel Mansfield, and more of those bluesy rock legends are going to dig this brand new release. Some of you may remember Chris from his band Mission of One. Well this takes him to whole new level with a great debut release featuring 12 new tunes.

Packaged in a beautiful 2 panel insert, this is a nicely pressed CD with great album artwork as you can see here. Pick up this indie release today. Sure to make those 2016 best of lists this year!

Track Listing:
1. Life's Just Bad
2. Giant
3. When Your Time Comes
4. Punch In The Face
5. Rest In Peace
6. Walmart Blues
7. Girl In The Window
8. Telephone
9. Daddy's Little Girl
10. Bound for A Throne
11. Thank You
12. You'll Shoot Your Eye Out