Behold the Kingdom - The Eyes Of The Wicked Will Fail [CD]

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RELEASE DATE: August 12, 2011

01. We Are Zion
02. Restoration
03. Sown In Dishonor
04. Living Hope
05. El Shaddai
06. The Suffering Servant
07. Cut You Down
08. Prideful Demise
09. fall Of The Philistines
10. The valley Of Elah
Running Time: 26 minutes

From Rottwiler Records about this release...
Behold The Kingdom's debut release on Rottweiler Records is an unrelenting assault of unbridled brutality not unlike healthy doses of deathcore, death metal and thrash in a meat grinder. Fans of As I Lay Dying, Black Dalia Murder, and Lamb Of God will certainly become quick fans of Behold The Kingdom. "The Eyes Of The Wicked Will Fail" is an aggressive, violently angry sounding musical offering that features Joseph Bellmer on vocals, Derrik Young on guitar, Mark Baker on bass, Riley Snyder on guitar, and Cliff DeWeese on drums. Remember these names. They will become household names for metal fans worldwide. There is one distinctive difference between Behold The Kingdom and your average metalcore/death metal band. While most bands present despair and hopelessness, anger and violence, BTK focuses their aggression and relentless musical muscle to present a message of faith, hope, and love to a dying world that desperately needs restoration. Behold The Kingdom's modus operandi is to see forces of darkness retreat as a message of freedom in El Shaddai is presented to anyone willing to step out of their own destruction and shun their own prideful demise. Behold The Kingdom has been playing shows since early 2009. and have been unrelenting in bringing their live show to the masses, tearing up the highways of the Midwest. Behold The Kingdom has a heart for people and would love to help out those seeking answers about their faith and who the Father has called them to be. Behold The Kingdom is a band that brings a desire for relationship with all of their fans. Now, poised to explode onto America's metal scene and partnered with Rottweiler Records, Behold the Kingdom present their debut cd, "The Eyes Of The Wicked Will Fail".