Banshee - The Madness [CD]

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Brand New just released album from East Coast classic metal band BANSHEE !

Digipack edition with 10 panel pull out booklet 

Lyrics and liner notes included

Secure your copy of “The Madness” by Banshee!

Liner notes contain lyrics to all songs including nine new original songs written by Terry Dunn & George Call!

The fifth album from Banshee. If you enjoyed Mindslave you are going to be blown away by The Madness!!

Track Listing:

1.Metal Morphosis03:32 


3.Demons (In my Head)04:11 

4.The Madness05:01 


6.Ingrid (Ballad of an Ex Wife)04:02 

7.Into The Breakdown03:45 

8.Dead Inside03:29 

9.Red Sails in the Sunset05:42 

10.Slippin' Away (Black Sabbath cover)03:24  

TOTAL: 40:29