Atkins May Project - The Final Cut (CD)

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Release Date: Aril 2020

Brand new just released 4th album from the Atkins May Project just arrived from Europe and will truly be a best of 2020 album for classic metal fans! 

If you are not familiar with this band and you love classic metal like Judas Priest you must hear this. In fact singer Al Atkins was the original Judas Preist singer many years ago. Paul May is also a very well known guitarist in the Christian rock community as well as in the metal world. Also faturing amazing new cover art from the one and only Rodney Matthews.

Click the Blabbermouth link below to read more about the band nad their musical history and to hear audio snippets of two songs from the disc, "When The Bell Tolls" and "Dead Men's Bones", below...

Also the new album just received a 90% rating over at Angelic Warlord, be sure and check out that review here as well.

Still not Sold? Check out review from Keven Crothers over at Heavens Metal.

Track Listing: 

1. “The Revealing” (:36)

2. “The Final Cut” (4:43)

3. “When The Bell Tolls” (4:58)

4. “War In Between” (4:22)

5. “Treading Water” (6:18)

6. “Buried Alive” (4:32)

7. “Fighting Man” (4:52)

8. “Dead Mens Bones” (3:53)

9. “Stranger In A Strange Land” (5:26)

10. “The Cold Wind Blows” (4:12)

11., “Masquerade” (5:34)

12. “The Final Cut” (9:04)