Arnion - Fall Like Rain [CD]

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This Brazilian band plays 80s thrash metal in the vein of Tourniquet, Believer, and Metallica. Their full length major label, professionally produced debut was released on Brazilian Christian metal label Silent Music Records August, 2008. Late January, 2009, an expanded version was re-issued in the USA with the same artwork on Retroactive Records. Most songs are sung in English.

As the revival of 80s style thrash metal unfolds, Arnion enters the scene as legitimate heavyweight contenders for the title at the end of the 00's. Their major label debut features articulate riffs, gripping hooks, and the muscular brute force reminiscent of Kreator, Ultimatum, Exodus, Tourniquet, Toxic Holocaust, and Austrian Death Machine. Arnion is Greek for 'lamb of God.' Not merely a full-on assault of metal attitude, the message won't insult your intelligence.

This USA version offers as bonus tracks the band's seven song 2006 Refuge EP, and all tracks were digitally re-mastered.


1. "Intro" (:48)

2. "Visions from Hell" (4:34)

3. "Zombies" (5:04)

4. "Get Ready for the War" (4:39)

5. "Fall Like Rain" (3:09)

6. "Regreat be Healed" (4:27)

7. "Manipulação S.A." (6:38)

8. "Obtenetration" (3:54)

9. "Human Holocaust" (3:54)

10. "Renascitur Ex Cineribus" (1:27)

11. "Whitened Graves" (6:00)


12. "Prelude" (:57)

13. "Refuge" (4:19)

14. "Steps in the Dark" (5:54)

15. "Atormentado Um" (:28)

16. "Human Holocaust" (3:50)

17. "Inferno" (:23)

18. "Whitened Graves" (5:45)