ARIEL - Sorrows to Seven

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2021 Canadian import from these classic Christian rockers. 

Limited copies available so get yours now if you are in the states. 

Professionally replicated CD Limited Edition housed in a 4 panel folder style cover art

Inside cover 2 panels feature all lyrics. No UPC. No Catalog Number

BIO: Combining elements of progressive and alternative rock with a vintage 80's vibe,
Ariel delivers layered harmonic vocals, shredding guitars, driving percussion,
ethereal keyboards, and an uplifting lyrical message of the coming kingdom of
God in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit!

Track Listing

1. Sorrows to Seven

2. Sealed

3. Consider

4. One Seed

5. Undeniable

6. Joy

7. Wilderness

8. Way, Truth, Life

9. Holy Hill