Arcanjo - Torment Alive [CD]

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Emerging from Brazil, Arcanjo has unleashed a live album called Torment Alive. Arcanjo plays a brutal mix of thrash and death metal with a bit of a core feel. They blaze, maybe even rush, thru 12 chaotic tracks, including a decent cover of Living Sacrifice's "Reject". Occasionally, because of the frantic pace they go through the songs, it seems that a few of the songs start to sound very similar. Despite that, this sounds like a concert that would've been fun to have been at. Marcelo's vocals are nothing incredible, but are drenched with intensity. He has a style that is comparable to that of Ethereal Scourge. The lyrics are in English, but the translation is pretty rough. Production-wise it gets a little muddy at times, but is very listenable. I think the muddiness has a lot to do with the speed of some of the songs. The sound level is nice and high so you can crank it and enjoy. They even have a pretty rowdy crowd that helps increase the energy level. I could see this attracting fans on both sides of the metal fence - be it true metal or the core stuff. Best songs are "Torment in Sand", "Cage", and "Desert". I'd be interested in hearing this band on a studio album. (Review by Matt from The Whipping Post)

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