Anger As Art - Fast as **** [CD]

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Brand new live release from the LA metal scenes very own Anger As Art

Anger As Art - Fast as F#@k is a live recording with a few newly recorded tracks as bonus tracks!

We just finished listening to it from beginning to end and this thing is fast! Very well recorded live album that is bursting with energy! Forget the Starbucks coffee to get me going in the morning! I am cranking this puppy to get me going!

The brand new tracks are exceptional as well, if you like it loud, fast and hard you need to hear this one!

If you act fast we have 4 copies signed by Steve Gaines! (Make that 3 I'm keeping one!)

Anger As Art is:
Steve Gaines (Guitar, vocals)
Rob Alaniz (Drums)
Daniel Oliverio (Guitar)
Eric Bryan (Bass)

Release Date : November 19th, 2018

Track Listing :
1. Gods of Hate
2. Aim for the Heart
3. I Create Your God
4. Tombward
5. Unknowing Undead
6. Race for the War
7. Time Devours Life
8. The Crush
9. Hammer Blade and Twisting Fire
10. Two Minutes Hate
11. Dim Carcosa
12. Never Forgive, Never Forget
13. Head of the Snake
14. Everybody Dies (Bonus Studio Track)
15. Vicious Intent (Bonus Studio Track)
16. Matriarch (Bonus Studio Track)*
*Montrose Cover