Angelica - Without Words

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Brand New 2019 release from classic Christian rockers Angelica.


2 Wasteland
3 The Remnant
4 Just Amazing
5 Tetelestai
6 Psalm 91
7 Dead Come Alive
8 Found My Way
9 Gumbo
10 Chick'n Pick'n

Dennis first picked up guitar 48 years ago at the young age of 6. Now 54 years of age, he leaves nothing off record and lets his guitar and fingers do the talking for him.

Words cannot describe what you’ll be listing to. Literally, there are no words, it’s just Dennis and Co. doing what he does best and what few are able to accomplish; create an album of entire songs around 6 strings of amazement. It has the Angelica sound that you’d expect, melodic with some serious drive and crunch. You won’t be able to stop listening to “Without Words”, it’s ‘all in’ with hooks galore and top notch production.

I’m speechless after hearing this album in its entirety. Meaning that my jaw literally dropped to the floor. Dennis Cameron has an incredible ‘God Given’ gift! I love the flow of this album. From The nice and tasty, chunky riffs and melodies in ‘Wasteland’, and the Yngwie Malmsteenesque sweeps and runs in ‘WWIII’. When I first heard ‘The Remnant’ and ‘Tetelestai’ have been on repeat too because there are so many tasty runs and fiery shredfests. Then Dennis shows his Immense talent Country picking, with Gumbo and Chickn Pickn, and he tears it up! Such a diverse album that is easily listened to from start to finish! What a great album!