Altar Boys - The Altar Billies [CD]

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This is a must have CD for Altar Boys fans. This was just released and is hot off the press. It is the 11 song debut CD from The Altar Billies! Who are the Altar Billies? Well they are The Altatr Boys! Playing many of their original songs completely reworked in a rock-a-billy fashion! For fans of Social Distortion BIG TIME!

Track Listing:

01. Against the Grain
02. Calling to You
03. Where's it Gonna Lead You?
04. The One
05. Listen Up
06. Live
07. Calling to You (Punktry version)
08. Against the Grain (Live)
09. Where's it Gonna Lead Ya? (Live)
10. Live (Live)
11. The One (Instrumental)