Altar Boys - Gut Level Music [CD]

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Brand new just released reissue of this classic album, completely remastered with long lost bonus track.

In 1986 the Altar Boys headed to the studio to record 11 new songs for critically acclaimed release: "Gut Level Music." The band recorded tracks for 11 songs, however somewhere in the recording process the album was trimmed down to just 10 songs. G.L.M. has been completely re-mastered and now includes the missing song, "I Just Can't Let Go" along with new original songs, new artwork, photos and band history.

For fans of The Ramones, The Clash, The Replacements, Undercover, and 77's both the music and the message of the Altar Boys album G.L.M. is a force to be reckoned with. Like the Gospel itself, G.L.M. is simple, stands on its own, and wants to let you know that in the end, life does begin at the cross.

Track List:

1. You are loved
2. GLM (Gut Level Music)
3. I'm not talking about religion
4. Question it
5. You found me
6. I just cant let go
7. Unconditional love
8. There is a love
9. Calling to you
10. Final hour
11. Life begins at the cross