ALL FOR THE KING - Let There Be Light LP (2022)

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ALL FOR THE KING was started in 2016 by Ricard Hulteke and Erik Tilling after a mutual longing to share their faith. The band has a yearning to preach the Gospel to a lost society that at times appears to run without a compass. Telling people that there is a God who cares for them in the midst of it all and wants to guide them and carry them through life’s journeys and storms.

Today, the band consists of Andreas Idaglöv (bass), Anders Köllerfors (drums), Ricard Hulteke (vocals) and Erik Tilling (guitar). They play a version of modern heavy progressive hard rock and metal with their roots strongly in the '70s. Critics around the world have compared Ricard's vocals to the legendary Glenn Hughes and Erik Tilling's guitar playing to riff master Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath.

In 2017, the band would release their debut album that was praised by both reviewers and listeners alike. Now in 2022 Roxx Records is set to bring you the bands sophomore release exclusively on CD as we work with ALL FOR THE KING to bring you "Let There Be Light". According to the critics this follow up album is a real push forward and has given the band top reviews worldwide. The song "The Shelter" has already been placed on Spotify's top chart for Top Christian Rock and has allowed the band to gain many new listeners. Take a look at some of the early reviews.

”Listen! I would recommend this to anyone! I love the album! I think it’s absolutely great! They mixed up so many of my favorite eras of music. It’s one of those albums that the more you listen to it the better it will be!”

- Iridium Rock and Metal Review

”With their sophomore release the band has taken their sound to a whole new level with overall more mature arrangements. Some of the tracks take on a technical Hard Rock element which I haven't seen in the Rock genre before. Yes, the band came out swinging with this latest release and have, without question, knocked the ball out of the park.”

- Jacob Folk (Christian Molten Metal)

Roxx Records is excited to bring you this brand new album from ALL FOR THE KING complete with 2 additional bonus tracks and even a third ‘hidden’ bonus track (But Don’t Tell The Band!) Just this year, the band recorded a brand new single that was just released separately from the new album, which featured a very special guest appearance from Ulf Christiansson of Jerusalem. This amazing new track is included here as one of those special bonus tracks. In addition, this package features a beautiful layout and design by Scott Waters of NLTM Graphics. This beautiful Limited Edition CD Only Package will be released in a quantity of only 400 pieces. Pre Orders are live now and our official release date is August 19, 2022.

Check out the amazing first track ‘The Seventh Seal:

Get ready as we are all set to bring you ALL FOR THE KING Let There Be Light’


Track Listing


01. The Six-Winged Seraphim
02. Let There Be Light
03. I Am He 
04. The way, Truth and Life
05. The Shelter 
06. St. Patrick´s Prayer 
07. Metal Gods 
08. Let God Be God 
09. Moneychangers
10. Blazing Fire 
11. The Return of the King

Bonus tracks
12. Song of the Lamb
13. The Seventh Seal *

* features Ulf Christiansson (Jerusalem)