A Celebration of the Death and Resurrection [CD]

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less than 100 copies left, and this one will not be reprinted ever it cost too much to license on. Get one while you can. Happy Easter, everyone


Roxx Records is very excited to bring you this very special release just in time for your Easter holiday celebrations, and to leave it with you to enjoy for many years to come. Roxx Records proudly presents "A Celebration of the Death and Resurrection" a compilation of some of the best Christian Metal tracks focused entirely on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This compilation was carefully compiled to feature some of the classics of Christian Metal as well as to introduce you to some of today's greatest Christian Metal artists. Featuring classic tracks from the likes of Bloodgood, Neon Cross and Recon, to some of the current bands helping keep the metal scene alive today like Theocracy, Grave Forsaken and Worldview. The compilation opens as we hear the tracks "Crucify" and "Son of God" depicting the story of the death of Christ, and the stories continue on throughout this strategically compiled compilation, which ends by reminding us that "He is Alive" and "He's the Messiah" a true classic compilation through and through.

Featuring some amazing new artwork throughout an 8 page booklet put together by Scott Waters, which also includes lyrics to each and every song on the compilation. This exclusive compilation has also been completely remastered by the one and only George Ochoa (Worldview, Deliverance, Recon) especially for this release.

Track List:

01. A Message From Pastor Bob Beeman
02. Bloodgood - Crucify
03. Neon Cross - Son of God
04. Sacred Warrior - He Died
05. Worldview - The Last Cry
06. Theocracy - 30 Pieces of Silver
07. X-Sinner - World Covered In Blood
08. Saint - Crucified
09. Ultimatum - Violence and Bloodshed
10. Grave Forsaken - Death on the Cross
11. Deliverance - Flesh and Blood
12. Vengeance Rising - Human Sacrifice
13. Tourniquet - If I Was There
14. Recon - Alive
15. Bloodgood - The Messiah