3 INCHES OF BLOOD - LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL (NEW-CD, 2023, Brutal Planet) As powerful as Heavy Metal can possibly be!

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3 INCHES OF BLOOD - LONG LIVE HEAVY METAL (NEW-CD, 2023, Brutal Planet) As powerful as Heavy Metal can possibly be!

  • Officially licensed from Century Media Records
  • 2012 original release
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Every CD comes with a free Ltd band Collector Card
  • Includes two bonus tracks
  • Packaged in a 12-page booklet, jewel case
  • "Metal Woman" has over 1 million streams on Spotify
  • 10 out of 10 rating on MetalAssault.com Reviews
  • One of the most influential pure, heavy metal releases over the last 20 years!



Unleashing the Power of Metal: 3 Inches of Blood's "Long Live Heavy Metal" Reissue

Prepare to raise your horns and embrace the unrelenting power of true heavy metal as the mighty 3 Inches of Blood returns with a monumental reissue of their iconic album, "Long Live Heavy Metal." 3 Inches of Blood, a force to be reckoned with in the world of metal, has carved their path with a relentless commitment to delivering pure, unadulterated heaviness. Known for their dynamic blend of traditional heavy metal and the raw power of classic thrash, they have earned a dedicated following that embraces their uncompromising sound and impassioned performances. "Long Live Heavy Metal" stands as a testament to 3 Inches of Blood's unwavering devotion to the genre. Originally released to critical acclaim, this album embodies the band's relentless pursuit of sonic excellence, combining soaring melodies, blistering guitar solos, thunderous drums, and fierce vocals that command attention like a battle cry.

Now, in this monumental reissue, "Long Live Heavy Metal" is reborn, reigniting the flames of metal with a pristine remaster that unveils every bone-shaking riff and every anthemic chorus with unparalleled clarity and power. Prepare to experience the full force of tracks like "Metal Woman," "Leather Lord," and "Dark Messenger," as they take on a newfound sonic intensity that will leave you in awe.

This reissue of "Long Live Heavy Metal" is a visual and tactile feast for the senses. Dive into the immersive 12-page booklet, adorned with captivating artwork and complete lyrics, inviting you to sing along to every anthemic chorus and immerse yourself in the band's passionate storytelling. And as an exclusive bonus, each CD comes with a limited edition collector card, a precious token that commemorates 3 Inches of Blood's indomitable spirit and their enduring impact on the world of heavy metal.

Brutal Planet Records, renowned for their unwavering support for the metal community, proudly presents this Metal Icon Series reissue. It stands as a testament to the band's legacy and influence, reserving a place among the elite reissues. Together with 3 Inches of Blood, they have crafted an unparalleled listening experience, breathing new life into "Long Live Heavy Metal" and ensuring its rightful place among the pantheon of metal masterpieces.

Prepare yourself for a metal crusade like no other. The reissued "Long Live Heavy Metal" by 3 Inches of Blood, remastered and expanded, will ignite your soul and reaffirm your devotion to the power of true metal. This is an opportunity to own a piece of metal history—a celebration of the genre's might and an invitation to revel in the timeless spirit of heavy metal.

Raise your horns. Embrace the power. Embrace 3 Inches of Blood and let the thunderous call of "Long Live Heavy Metal" resonate within you.

1 Metal Woman 4:48
2 My Sword Will Not Sleep 4:37
3 Leather Lord 3:57
4 Chief And The Blade 2:27
5 Dark Messenger 4:07
6 Look Out 5:29
7 4000 Torches 4:16
8 Leave It On The Ice 3:34
9 Die For Gold (Upon The Boiling Sea IV) 4:03
10 Storming Juno 4:24
11 Men Of Fortune 7:35
12 One For The Ditch 3:31
13 Lords of Change (bonus)
14 Strength of the Brave (bonus)
15 Battles & Brotherhood (live) (bonus)