20 LB Sledge - Divine Battery [CD]

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One of the best new Christian hard rock metal bands out there that you have not heard of... YET! This demo is out of print now! Good luck finding one! 

Hailing from Riverside California 20 lb Sledge are starting to hit the So Cal circuit hard and hopefully beyond very soon, and these guys bring it!

Check out a recent write up from AXS where they opened for Alien Ant Farm...


And check out the song Ticket Out Of Hades right here...

Now is your chance to get the band's demo CD before they get signed!

Check it out, 9 killer tracks from their debut CD 'Divine Battery'

01. Ticket out of Hades
02. Special Delivery
03. Divine Battery
04. Color guard
05. Crazy and I like it
06. Before the angels call
07. Weapons down hands up
08. Source of release
09. Soldier Electric (A Nephelim's Last Entry)