Riveting Truth - S / T EP (Angelica/Whitecross) Limited Edition CD

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Limited Edition CD Pressing of the debut EP from Canada's Riveting Truth

Artist: Riveting Truth

Title: Riveting Truth

Fomat: CD (4 Panel Envelope Style with Full Lyrics)

Release Date: November 13, 2020

UPC: 686878963168

On our eternal quest to bring you some of the best, the loudest and the boldest in Christian rock and metal to the frontlines Roxx Records is very excited to announce we have made our way in to Canada for this one. Please join us in welcoming RIVETING TRUTH to the Roxx Records line up.

RIVETING TRUTH is a Christian Metal band from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Featuring members Dave Bentley out front (Vocals/Guitars) and Andrew Rudd (Bass Guitars) completing the line-up for Riveting Truth

The two have played music together since the early ‘90’s and released a nine song independent album with the band LEGACY in 1996.  LEGACY played throughout southern Ontario and surrounding areas for several years opening for established bands such as Whitecross before taking a hiatus to pursue different career paths.  

In 2017 Andrew and Dave created a new musical project by drawing from their musical influences of melodic groove heavy metal and RIVETING TRUTH was born.  

The doubled-edged concept of the band name is that Jesus Christ is the riveting truth (John 14:6) that can fasten the gospel to our heart, soul and mind.

The band is excited to release their highly anticipated 4 song EP, which features guest solos from two of Christian metals most legendary guitar players Dennis Cameron (Angelica) and Rex Carroll (Whitecross). 

We are very excited to share the debut single and lyric video from their upcoming self-titled EP.

“The Prison” is a straight ahead Power Metal song based on 1 Corinthians 10:13.  A reminder that God gives us strength to overcome our temptations, and that He always provides a way of escape from the prison of sin.

The lyrics were written by Dave Bentley and the music by Andrew Rudd and Dave Bentley.  The song features a stunning lead guitar performance by Dennis Cameron of Angelica fame.  

Check out the single ‘The Prison’ and help us share this video for all to hear!

November 13, 2020 we bring you the debut 4 track self-titled EP on a limited edition CD pressing and we want the world to hear this one!