Recon - Behind Enemy Lines [CD]

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The 2016 25th anniversary reissue was pressed in a quantity of 300 CD's and sold out very very quickly!

This is the second and FINAL pressing of 300 more CD's coming your way on Record Store Day 2019!

This is the Limited Edition reissue of the classic Recon album Behind Enemy Lines. This CD edition is a limited pressing of only 300 pieces worldwide and has been completely remastered and restored. George Ochoa baked the original demo tapes and digitized them to make them sound crisper and fresher then you have ever heard them, matching the levels of the actual album!

Limited to 300 CD's only!

Track List:

01. In The Beginning
02. Lost Soldier
03. Ancient of Days
04. Choose This Day
05. Dreams
06. Take Us Away
07. Holy Is The Lord
08. Alive
09. Eternal Destiny
10. Behind Enemy Lines
11. Light The Fire (Cal Metal 2) [CD Only]
12. Dreams (Cal Metal 2) [CD Only]
13. Eternal Destiny (Demo) [CD Only]
14. Alive (Demo) [CD Only]

Band Members:

Vett Roberts (Vocals)
George Ochoa (Lead Guitar)
Eddie Starline (Rhythm Guitar)
Mike Grato (Bass)
John Christianson (Drums)