MOTIVIK - Renouncement (CD) 2024 Brand New Sophomore Release!

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It was 4 years ago back in 2020 when Roxx Records signed and released the debut album “Death of the Gunman” from Christian thrashers MOTIVIK, and today we celebrate as we bring you the bands second full length release.

DOTG saw the band make great strides into the Christian rock arena with singles like “On The Way Down”, “Away”, “The Past of Tomorrow” and “Souls of Torment”, a killer rendition of a classic Sacrament song, all climbing up the Christian metal charts. MOTIVIK was destined to grace the ears and music players of all those Christian rock and heavy metal fans across the globe.

Already this year the band has released 4 killer new singles “Harbinger of Demise”, “The Head Collector”, “Dethroned”, and “Break The Walls”, all from their forthcoming release “Renouncement”, and all showing the growth and determination of this young and incredibly energetic and multi-talented band.

Today Roxx Records is excited to officially announce the full length release of “Renouncement” the bands full length sophomore release dropping on July 1st on vinyl, CD and all digital and streaming platforms. As some early copies want out to press lets take a look at what Dave Kruse from “The Covenant Metal Show” had to say about “Renouncement”

“This new album "Renouncement" is a major step up from "Gunman"! The musical direction is more melodic while still keeping true to their signature heavy, aggressive, and brutal style. The choruses are catchy with very well-crafted vocal harmonies! The music itself is mesmerizing with incredible guitar riffs, bass lines, and thundering drums. While I love the entire album start to finish - here are some songs that really stand out to me: Dethroned, Renouncement, Break The Walls, This Man I Am, Final Hour, and Harbinger Of Demise. This album will definitely be on people's "Best Of 2024" lists!”

As an added bonus, while we were preparing for the release of “Renouncement”, the band went back and polished up some of their earliest demos and released them digitally earlier this year. Well, for the first time and in a VERY limited pressing (only 100 copies pressed), we will have some very special MOTIVIK bundles that will include a special CD pressing of these 5 early tracks entitled “The Unorthodox Years 1993-1998”

“Renouncement” CD Track Listing:

  1. Place Of Ashes
    2. Dethroned
    3. Renouncement
    4. Break The Walls
    5. Septicemia
    6. This Man I Am
    7. Harbinger Of Demise
    8. Final Hour
    9. Lord Of Death
    10. The Storm Within
    11. The Head Collector
    12. Dead By Daylight
    13. Once Again




Harbinger of Demise:

The Head Collector:


Break The Walls (featuring Jason Wisdom):