EXODUS A.D. - Anthology Volume I (CD) 2023 Previously unreleased FFO: Haven, Stryper, Petra

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RELEASE DATE: October 27, 2023


PACKAGE: Jewel Case w/ 12 page insert w/ Lyrics

FFO: Haven, Stryper, Petra



Before the classic heavy metal of Christian rockers Haven, there was Exodus A.D.

Roxx Records is very excited to bring you this exclusive, limited edition CD pressing from the early beginnings of Kevin Ayres. Kevin approached us, wanting to know if we were interested in releasing his earliest Christian music ventures, which we were very excited to partner with him on. Now, don’t go expecting that classic heavy-metal sound of Christian rockers Haven or don’t let the name 'Exodus' mislead you to think this is going to be some classic thrash metal. This is an exciting trip into the early classic Christian rock era of Exodus A.D. 

Exodus A.D. is the early hard rock and metal beginnings Kevin played on long before Haven and now you finally get to hear it! There were so many killer recordings we’re doing it in 2 separate CD packages called Anthology Vol I and Anthology Vol II completely restored and remastered!

Check out the track 'Alright' https://youtu.be/mjsmw5QZ9XQ?si=gX506yXA3IQC8J7U


Track Listing 

1. Alright

2. Blood of the Lamb

3. Dead or Alive

4. My Friend is Jesus

5. Heroes

6. You've Been Loving Me

7. I Need You

8. Your Life

9. Weeds

10. Jesus Christ Paid The Price

11. Searching

12. Sweet Sorrow Song

13. Haunting Refrain