XL & DBD Death Before Dishonor - Offensive Truth Vol 1 & 2 [CD]

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Last copies of this indie pressing from the band!!!! Then this pressing and version is SOLD OUT and GONE forever! 

Well if you have been waiting for the best new rap rock/metal release to hit the Christian market XL & Death Before Dishonor just did it!

That's right the classic band that brought you tunes like Sodom and America is back and they take no prisoners!

Be prepared for the bold in your face message that only XL & DBD can do. It is not for the faint of heart, they have a message or 2 to share and they clearly get those messages across.

With a host of cool guest stars from Jimmy Brown of Deliverance, Oz Fox of Stryper, Jesse Sprinkle, Greg Minier and Jim Chaffin of The Crucified and Rex Carroll of Whitecross. Released in 2 separate packages with a grand total of 20 brand new songs.

Volume 1 Track Listing:

1. In Need Of Therapy 3:46
2. Devastated (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 2:30
3. Best Friend, Worst Enemy (featuring Oz Fox) 3:09
4. Because Of This (featuring Jesse Sprinkle) 3:30
5. Rapist (featuring Greg Minier) 3:17
6. The Stereo 3:20
7. Be A Real Man (featuring Anthony Stevens) 4:05
8. The Wilderness (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 3:13
9. The Wrath To Come (featuring Joel Goodwin) 3:03
10. Yeah I Know Right 3:23

Volume 2 Track Listing:

1. Going After Money 3:11
2. Failure 3:24
3. Methamphetamine (featuring Rex Carroll) 2:53
4. Daddy's Too Friendly (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 4:17
5. Corporate Elite (featuring Jimmy P. Brown II) 3:34
6. Dead By 45 4:07
7. My Hour Of Desperation (featuring Jim Chaffin) 5:13
8. Armed For Battle (featuring Anthony Stevens) 3:30
9. The Wretched 3:15
10. Quit Drinking 3:57